• Category: FICTION


Grown up Joanna Wesley is a struggling writer and academic who is stuck in the past. She has a secret. Her oldest friend is the love of her life, and the love of her life is three different people. And so, life has always been confusing. Life has taken her in circles and the person she is closest to keeps disappearing. The secret is driving her mad, but who could she ever tell?

Coming of age, Joanna and Charlie became many different people and endured the beginning of the electronic age together. One day, they woke up and it meant the end of those long lazy childhood summers. Joanna literally limps through life until they are reunited again.

Now adults how can they contend with Charlie's disassociations, and changes? How can Joanna cope with how she has changed herself? How can either be successful when still tied to each other in the past. What will Joanna do the day she must ask "Whatever Happened to Maxwell, Charlie?"